Overnight camping trip for Scouts and Girl Guides
STEM: Interview with Professor Lo Yuk Ming (Deputy Dean of Faculty of Medicine, CUHK)

Historical and Ecological Exploration Tour in Xiamen and Jinmen

To explore wildlife in the Mainland, teachers and students of our school participated in the Historical and Ecological Exploration Tour in Xiamen and Jinmen tour and visited the Xiamen Botanical Garden for five days from 26th Oct, 2018 to 30th Oct, 2018. We were touched by the process of how a bird protection area was established in the developing city area of Xiamen by a local expert. The experience was valuable, since our students could learn about a great number of unusual plants. Besides Xiamen, they also visited some historical war sites in Jinmen in Taiwan. Students understood more about the civil war which happened 70 years ago, and even had some horrible “experiences” of the war. They invited the Ecological Instructor, Ms. Tang Mei Ling, who taught us about bird-watching and told us some characteristics of the birds. At the same time, she told them some interesting stories about some birds. The rural atmosphere and life-style in Jinmen let students feel the relaxing environment. It was magnificent to watch a lot of birds flying in a large area. Also, she provided us with many beautiful bird photos. The unique exploration of the two regions was fun and unforgettable for both students and teachers.