An On-line Forum with our Sister School in Mainland China on Sustainable Development

The online report session with our sister school, Guangxi Yangshuo Middle School, was successfully held on 24th November last year. Students from both schools exchanged views on their studies about ecological conservation issues. Students from Yangshuo Middle School introduced the developmental history of Guangxi Wetland Park, its function and its current situation in great details while our school students explained the importance of country parks and highlighted some areas of improvement, such as raising the public's awareness on biodiversity, in Hong Kong. They specifically introduced the role played by the Hong Kong Wetland Park on sustainable development. In their recent work, our students even studied the relationship between the number of sparrows and the level of sustainable development in a city. Their study outcome was remarkably recognized. Through this sharing session, students from both schools have deepened their understanding on sustainable development greatly. They hope to gain more valuable experience when they could meet face-to-face in the near future.

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