Naming of the School’s Facilities and Unveiling Ceremony

The naming and unveiling ceremony of our School’s library, the school supervisor room and medical room was held on 25th June, 2021 in our school. Donors, accompanied by several Board of Directors, the School Supervisor, the Principal, teachers and student representatives, attended the ceremony. In the ceremony, Dr. Lam Hiu Fung (the President of The Education Foundation of The Federation of The Alumni Associations of The CUHK), Mr. NG Yuen Hing (the School Supervisor), Mr Ho Man Sum (the Honorary School Manager) gave speeches to the visitors. It was followed by the gold plaque unveiling ceremony. The student representatives presented flowers to the donors to give thanks to their continued support to the School’s development. The ceremony ended with donors, accompanied by the President Dr. Lam and the School Supervisor Mr. Ng, paying a visit to the named facilities and taking photos for memories.


Medical Room

School Supervisor Room

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