An Online Forum with our Sister School in Mainland China on Sustainable Development

An online forum with our sister school Shunde District Chan Village Chan Wai Nam Memorial College was successfully held on 9th July. Students from both schools exchanged their study on ecological conservation. Students from our sister school introduced the distribution, species, and the prospects for conservation of mangrove in Mainland China in a detailed and organized manner. In addition, they explained the developmental history, functions and current situations of country parks in the Mainland and cited Daxing Country Park in Beijing as a case for improvement. Similarly, our students introduced the functions and areas of improvement of our country parks (especially an awareness of biodiversity), and the functions The Hong Kong Wetland Park places on sustainable development. Our students achieved a remarkable result by investigating the relationship between the number of sparrows and the level of sustainable development in a city. Through the online forum, students from both schools have exchanged and enriched their understanding on sustainable development. To further deepen our understanding on the issue, we are looking forward to having more face-to-face exchange activities.

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