Students’ Life-wide Learning Activities Week

25-29th March, 2021

Activity Highlights

Secondary One
Hong Kong’s local history, culture and heritage
  • By experiencing Hong Kong’s local culture, students were able to understand its origins and the profound, diverse nature of Chinese culture.
  • The experience enhanced students’ engagement in learning History.
  • Utilizing various media for learning and display, the activity connected the study of history to modern technology. Students came to realise that the study of history is closely related to our own lives.
Secondary Two
Sustainable development: Cultural preservation
  • Students understood the importance of cultural heritage and how cultural preservation facilitates the development of sustainability in Hong Kong.
  • They appreciated the richness of local culture in regards to food, festivals, entertainment and religion and worship.
  • Students appreciated Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage by learning an ancient sculpting technique. They used the skill to make their own dough models.
Secondary Three
The fun of STEM
  • With the assistance of software, students conceived designs and then made mini rocket cars for a contest.
  • They learned the scientific principle behind DIY models and then produced them.
  • These DIY models included saltwater engine cars (Chemistry), solar-powered elevators (Physics) and DNA models (Biology).
Secondary Four
Community learning and exploration program
  • In order to better understand society’s different groups, students met community figures from a range of backgrounds.
  • Each class was divided into four groups: visually impaired persons, hearing-impaired persons, adolescents of South Asian descent and ex-mentally ill teenagers.
  • Students reflected on the ways government, society and individuals help facilitate social integration.
Secondary Five
Multifaceted Careers: Interview with entrepreneurs and alumni
  • Alumni shared their experience preparing for the HKDSE and subject selection at university.
  • Students learned about various workplace environments and job descriptions, alongside the nature of work, promotions and job prospects.
  • They also studied workplace ethics and etiquette.

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