Gifted Education

Our school was one of the network schools in the Jockey Club 'Giftedness Into Flourishing Talents' Project (Project GIFT) of CUHK in 2017-2019. Through joining this project, we have been actively developing gifted education in order to cater for learning diversity. With the support of Project GIFT, our school endeavoured to integrate gifted education elements in our Mathematics regular teachings as ourinitiate trial, in line with implementing Level Two Pull-out gifted education activities. Besides, our school has established the Gifted Education Team focusing on the development of students' talents and Level Two Pull-out gifted education activities. For academics and student development, students’ talents are identified in different ways so as to provide them diverse and appropriate learning experiences. In addition, to ensure our students receive suitable trainings, our school regularly recommends students to participate in different gifted courses and competitions.