Wise 5 Students Achieved Good Results in Mathematics Competitions

Jackson Shih from Wise 5 has participated and got prizes in three important Mathematics competitions this years. The prizes are third place in the 34th Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad, second place in the Hong Kong Junior Mathematics Olympiad – National Mathematical Forum for Youths 2017-2018 and an honourable medal in the The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Mathematics Competition of Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition (SSMSC). Besides, our students Luk Chim Lam, Carswell Tse Tze Sun and Leung Chun Kit from Wise 5 got Certificate of Credit, Certificate of Distinction and Certificate of High Distinction respectively in the Mathematics Competition of SSMSC.

The First Runner-up Prize in 2018 Bird Race

Our School Bird Watching Team, ‘Osprey’, has recorded 65 species of birds in Kowloon Park, Long Yuen and Tai Po Kau. This great achievement has awarded the team a first runner-up position in the Hong Kong Bird Watching Day 2018 Secondary School Category Bird Race . The record of our school was only one less than that of the champion. The school team members were Chan Ka Him (5A), Cheng Hiu Ying (5A), Lui Yuk Yi (4A), Lau Ho Shun (1A), and Wong Ho Wang (1A). Congratulations to the team.

Our School STEM Team Visited CUHKFAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School

Our school STEM team members visited CUHKFAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School on 29th May, 2018 and shared their experience with the development of STEM education and the design of student report cards of CCH .

Parents-Also-Appreciate-Teachers Activity

The “Parents-Also-Appreciate-Teachers” activities, which have been organized by the Parent & Teacher Association (PTA) and Student Union (SU), were held on 24th May, 2018. Chairperson, Vice-Chairman and representatives from the PTA paid their respects and appreciation to every teacher. The Chairperson of each class presented an appreciation card to all teachers. It was a very warm day and the sincerity of all the parents and students was highly appreciated.