Biology students attend the “Pursuit of Wisdom” talk

S4 and S5 Biology students attended the “Pursuit of Wisdom” talk on 1st April, organized by CUHK.

Life-wide Learning Activities

To let students experience learning in authentic situations and real environments, the Life-wide Learning Week was held from 14th March to 18th March, 2019. Students are able to adopt what they have learned in the lessons in authentic situations, promoting whole-person development and allowing them to actualize their life-long learning skills. The learning areas and themes of different levels are shown as follows. 學習體驗範疇 主題 中一級 智能發展 中一級 – 從長洲的太平清醮探究本土歷史文化 中二級 德育及公民教育 中二級 – 同根同心內地考察團 (開平) 中三級 智能發展 中三級 – 科研探究 中四級 社會服務 中四級 – 社區學習與探索計劃 中五級 與工作有關的經歷 中五級 – 行業參觀與工作體驗 (前海) 日本交流團 與工作有關的經歷 日本交流團 – 地理考察及升學考察團 (沖繩) 台灣交流團 藝術發展 台灣交流團 – 藝術與電影考察團 (台北)

Secondary Five Students Participated in the Breakfast Gathering with Pro-Vice-Chancellor of CUHK Professor Poon Wai Yin under the Scheme “Our First Encounter with CUHK Professors”

Eight Secondary Five students had a breakfast gathering with Professor Poon Wai Yin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of CUHK under the scheme “Our First Encounter with CUHK Professors” on 19th March, 2019 accompanied by Ms. M.Y. Cheng. Professor Poon shared his passion towards science and his expectation on young people.

2019 CCH STEM Month