Chunhanian Book Report Competition

The Chunhanian Book Report Competition has been completed successfully. The winning pieces have been uploaded to the school website named “e-Horizon”.

Students got outstanding awards in 4.23 World Book Day Creative Competition in 2019

Eight students from our school participated in 4.23 World Book Day Creative Competition 2019, organized by Hong Kong Public Libraries. Lee Wing Yan of Loyal Three won the Outstanding Award in the Junior Secondary English Category.

Audiobook Competition for Primary School Students

The Audiobook Competition was held on 6th April, 2019 by our Chinese Panel and Reading Development Team, with our school manager, Ms. Au Yeung Yu Wing and our Principal, Mr. Chau Hau Fung, as the judges. The competition aims to nurture the reading interest and habit of students.   Awardee List: 獎項 姓名 學校 年級 冠軍 李遠卓 浸信會呂明才小學 小五 亞軍 陳巧悅 馬鞍山循道衛理小學 小五 季軍 鄭可悠 宣道會陳元喜小學 小五 優異獎 黃海盈 浸信會呂明才小學 小六 優異獎 朱愷芊 迦密愛禮信小學 小五 優異獎 吳梓瀅 馬鞍山循道衛理小學 小五

Biology students attend the “Pursuit of Wisdom” talk

S4 and S5 Biology students attended the “Pursuit of Wisdom” talk on 1st April, organized by CUHK.