Teacher Representatives Visited YCH Wong Wha San Secondary School

Our school Executive Team and Academic Committee representatives visited Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School on 16th February. They discussed their experiences in helping students prepare for the HKDSE and how they enrich the language environment of our school with the teacher representatives of YCHWWSSS.

Secondary Four and Five Students attended CUHK Public Lecture Series 2017

Our Secondary Four and Five science students attended the  Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Public Lecture Series 2017 on 17th February, 2017. They participated in the talk “Apply Your Mathematical Talents in Business”.

Service Helpers Help in the Sports Day of Methodist Mei Lam Primary School

Being helpers for the Sports Day of Ng Clan’s Association Tai Pak Memorial School, our students not only learnt how to serve others, but also enjoyed the experience.

Author’s Presentation of ‘The War of Gorudo’, Kumagai Shinichiro

The author of ‘The War of Gorudo’, Kumagai Shinichiro, came and gave our students and teachers a presentation on the 17th October 2016. He shared his experiences in writing this book and how he views war in history.