Open ceremony of the Jockey Club “GIFT” Project

Our Principal and teacher representatives of The Academic Commitee and Mathematics Department attended the opening ceremony of the Hong Kong Jockey Club “Giftedness Into Flourishing Talents” Project on 29th August, 2017 .

School Visit by Professor Chen Sheng-Hsien from National Taichung University of Education

Professor Chen Sheng-Hsien from The National Taichung University of Education visited our school on May 11. He participated in our lesson observation and post-lesson sharing sessions with our teachers about the development of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) in our school.

Chunhanian Book report competition

The Chunhanian Book Report Competition has finished. Articles written by the winners have been printed in the school journal “Horizon”.

Guangxi Yangshuo Sister School and Rural Region Exploration Tour

To promote cultural exchange, we visited our sister school, Yang Shuo Senior High School, during the Easter Holiday. We had a good day in the rural region of Guangxi. We cooperated in producing some traditional local foods. Our students got a precious experience in visiting the farmers and seeing the studies of tree preservation and sustainable development in rural regions.