S6 Study Companion Scheme

Aims of Scheme: – create an ideal learning environment for students to prepare for the examinations – nurture students to develop good learning habits and self-management skills – provide support and encouragement from teachers and parents Date: 11/1 – 21/1/2016 Time: 4 – 6pm (Compulsory), 6 – 9pm (Optional) Venue: School Hall

15th Anniversary Christmas Party

The Christmas party was organized by the Student Union with a variety of programmes including a talent show, alumni performance and teacher-student chorus. Everyone enjoyed the party very much.

15-16 School Circulars(10)


15th Anniversary Inter-class Picnic Day Photo Competition

The Student Union organized an inter-class photo competition on Picnic Day. All the classes took a photo  with the theme of “15” or “ Anniversary ” on the picnic day. The results are as follows: S1 & S2 S3 & S4 S5 & S6 1st 1C 4B 5C 2nd 1D 4A 5B 3rd 2B 4D 6B