Teacher representatives Attended the STEM Forum 2016

Teachers of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education from our school attended the STEM Forum 2016 on 10th November. It was organized by our school manager Ir. Dr. Alan Lam, Chairman of Creative Learning Association.

School Visit by Teachers from H.K.T.A. Shun Yeung Primary School

The Principal and teachers from H.K.T.A. Shun Yeung Primary School visited our school on 14th November. They participated in lesson observation sessions, , post-lesson meetings, and sharing sessions with our teachers on concerning ‘Development of Self-Regulated Learning’ (SRL) in our school.

CCH History and Chinese History Teachers visited ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School

Our History and Chinese History Teachers, as well as our Heads of Academic Committee visited ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School on 7th December. They discussed their experiences in handling HKDSE, assessments for learning and curriculum development with The Principal of ELCHK, Mr. Wan Ho Yin. The sharing was fruitful and practical.

16-17 School Circulars(08)