Secondary 3 Social Service Programme 2017

By organizing a social service programme in our school, we expect students to reach out to senior citizens in our community and interact with them by means of simple handicraft and mini-games. It is believed that our students can get to know more about the needs of the elderly in  a relaxing learning environment.

16-17 School Circulars(12)


Graduate Student-Teacher Basketball Competition 2017

The 2017 Graduate Student-Teacher Basketball Competition is an annual event organized by the Student Union. It was a great success. The competition was fabulous. With the assistance of the alumni, the teacher team defeated the student team by a score of 54 to 43.

Secondary Five Students Participated in the Breakfast Gathering with Professor Donna Chu, School of Journalism and Communication of CUHK under the Scheme “Our First Encounter with CUHK Professors”

Six Wise Five students, Cen Cuiying, Chung Ching Suet, Fang Ka Yan, Ho Sze Wing, Hung Ching Yan, and Wong Yee Tung, had breakfast with Professor Donna Chu of the School of Journalism and Communication of CUHK under the scheme “Our First Encounter with CUHK Professors” on 12th December. Professor Chu shared his ways of achieving success in studies, her experiences in writing novels as well as being a director and a teacher. Students found the experiences very provoking and practical.