Chunhanian Book report competition

The Chunhanian Book Report Competition has finished. Articles written by the winners have been printed in the school journal “Horizon”.

Guangxi Yangshuo Sister School and Rural Region Exploration Tour

To promote cultural exchange, we visited our sister school, Yang Shuo Senior High School, during the Easter Holiday. We had a good day in the rural region of Guangxi. We cooperated in producing some traditional local foods. Our students got a precious experience in visiting the farmers and seeing the studies of tree preservation and sustainable development in rural regions.

Secondary 2 Guangzhou Exploration Tour

To know more about the economic development of the Mainland, our S2 students visited Guangzhou during the Easter Holiday. They visited the state-owned, private, and joint-venture enterprises in Guangzhou. As our students have studied land use and sustainable development in school, they made use of their knowledge to explore the situation in the Mainland. The photo shows our visit to Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain and Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.(a joint-venture enterprise).

16-17 School Circulars(14)