STEM: Hong Kong Airlines Aircraft Engineering Talk

To boost our students’ interest in STEM education, engineers and assistant engineers from Hong Kong Airlines were invited to our school to conduct a lecture on 26th April. Students of our Scientific Research Centre and of Physics Society learnt much about aircraft engineering. All our students and teachers gained a lot of practical and career knowledge.



17-18 School Circulars(15)


Historical and Ecological Exploration Tour in Xiamen and Jinmen

To explore Mainland wildlife, teachers and students of our school participated in a tour of The Xiamen Botanical Garden. We were touched by the process of how a bird protection area was established in the developing city area of Xiamen. The experience was valuable since our students learnt about a great number of unusual plants. Beside Xiamen, they also visited Jinmen historical war sites in Taiwan.  Students received a more complete understanding of the civil war which happened 70 years ago, and even had horror “experience” of the war. The rural atmosphere and life-style in Jinmen let students relax. It was magnificent to watch a lot of birds flying in a large area. The unique exploration of the two regions was fun and unforgettable for both students and teachers.