Chunhanian Book report competition

The Chunhanian Book Report Competition was completed successfully. Winning Pieces were included in the school journal “Horizon”e-edition, which has been uploaded onto the school website.


To promote the reading and sharing culture of our school, the Chunhanian Books Report Competition is held yearly. Winning pieces have been compiled in the e“Horizon” on our school’s website.

17-18 School Circulars(16)


Page Turner: Inter-school Reading Contest

To enhance English reading skills, Page Turner, the inter-school reading contest was held at our school on 15th May, 2018. Participating schools include Pentecostal Lam Hong Kwong School and Tak Sun Secondary School. The competitin was an exciting and fun activity in which students had to answer questions promptly. The championship went to Tak Sun Secondary School, with second place going to Pentecostal Lam Hong Kwong School, and our school won third place. Congratulations to all the students.