S5 Bio Students received the outstanding award of Searching for Nature Stories 2018

Our Secondary 5 Biology students were awarded the outstanding award of Searching for Nature Stories 2018 (video competition) on 3rd November, 2018.

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Reading Carnival 2018

In order to enhance the interest in reading, the Reading Carnival 2018 was held on 12th October in the playground. Students set up a range of booths and activities, providing a fun-filled afternoon for their classmates and teachers.

Summer Study Tour to Oxford, England

To explore the world and boost the confidence in using English, an exchange tour to Oxford was held this summer from 12th July to 24th July, 2017 with boundless joy and fun. Apart from interactive English lessons at Cheney High School, students participated in a wide variety of activities including punting, high ropes, visiting the Harry Potter Studio, ghost trail expedition and visiting museums. The tour of thirteen days ended with greater confidence in speaking English and gave students a new-found sense of independence.