S1 Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) – Prize Presentation Ceremony

The Prize Presentation Ceremony of S1 Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) was held on 4th October, 2018. The ceremony aims to reward the S1 students who submitted their homework on time, as well as honouring those groups demonstrating active participation during lessons.

Jockey Club GIFT Project Schools Annual Sharing & Students Talent Show

In order to enhance learning and teaching effectiveness, our teacher representatives of the Mathematics Department Ms. Lam Yin, Mr. Er Sing Seng, Mr. Lam Kai Chau and Mr. Wong Pak Yick conducted a sharing on the topic of “Enhancing Mathematics Learning Effectiveness through Differentiated Strategies” on 20th June 2018. Also, our student Au Yeung Ki Chung from Honest Six gave a Diabolo performance in the Student Talent Show.

STEM: An Exploration of Aviation Technology in Zhuhai

Our students of Integrated Humanities Society and Scientific Research Centre participated in an exploration of aviation technology in Zhuhai of The Greater Bay Area on 9th July, 2018. They experienced the flight simulator and air cannon that day.


To promote the reading and sharing culture of our school, the Chunhanian Books Report Competition is held yearly. Winning pieces have been compiled in the e“Horizon” on our school’s website.