Secondary Five Students Participated in the Breakfast Gathering with Professor Alison, Yeung Sau Chu under the Scheme “Our First Encounter with CUHK Professors”

Six Honest Five students had a breakfast gathering with Professor Yeung Sau Chu, Alison from The Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education, CUHK under the scheme “Our First Encounter with CUHK Professors” on 15th November, 2017. They were accompanied by Ms. Wong Siu Wai. Students Chan Lik Hang, Chang Keh Luen, Chau Shing Hong, Ng Sin Chi, Son Ning Sang, and Woo Cheuk Ting were very inspired by their conversation with Professor Yeung about life experiences, teaching and learning experiences and the Chinese History curriculum.

Biology Group Students Visited The Faculty of Medicine, HKU

A group of our S4 Biology students visited The Faculty of Medicine, The Schools of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, and The Faculty of Science during The JUPAS Information Day of The University of Hong Kong on 4th November, 2017.

A Visit to the Shatin Sewage Treatment Works and Nam Sang Wai River Education Trail

In order to enhance the public awareness of conservation in Hong Kong, our Secondary One to Three students visited the Shatin Sewage Treatment Works and Nam Sang Wai River Education Trail on 31st Oct, 2017. Students enjoyed the activity very much.

STEM: CCH alumnus Dr. Wong Ka Fai Returned to his Alma Mater to Share Dental Technology

CCH alumnus, Dr. Wong Ka Fai, returned to his alma mater to share his experiences with dental technology with Secondary 4 and 5 Biology students on 28th September 2017. They learnt a lot about dental technology as a possible career.